"...She is the perfect mix of knowledge, compassionate support, and professionalism. She has a beautiful way of blending alternative therapies with evidence based practice to achieve beautiful births. I have used Shannon for two births, and would do so again without hesitiation. I am a professional labor and delivery nurse and Shannon showed me a few tricks I will be stealing for my patients."Jasmine Esmay, RN
"…she had all the right words, tools, and ideas to keep me going during labor. She knew just what I needed as a laboring woman and helped my husband give me all that I needed when I needed it. She truly was a servant for Nate just as much as for me."Valerie Loucks
"…she has creative ways to help relieve the pain of labor, she is very knowledgeable, she is passionate about helping laboring women, she does not complain, I never once felt awkward having her in the room, she encouraged my husband to get involved, and spoke words that empowered and encouraged me, she was right there and didn't leave my side, she was my biggest cheerleader."Jennifer Dancer
"She rubbed my back, took photos, gave my husband and I quiet time together, whispered prayers and spoke courage to my heart. Shannon was with us, every step of the way as we brought our son into this world. She was just what we needed to make our birth experience healing, memorable, empowering- just as birth is supposed to be."Amy Hogen